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Publié le 23 Octobre 2016 à 18h56 - 6485 aff.

Spend naked holidays in family

Some people like to go on nature during the holidays. But reconciliation with nature would also come to terms with himself, trying to make the most of the beauty of this generous nature. To experience this new freedom, the family can already book in licensed naturist for a pleasant stay.


Naturism, a rule of life

If for some, it's the nature of the discovery, for fans, nature is really a specific lifestyle. Everything must be gross in these naturist. These centers for travelers must be members of the Federation of Naturists Area. They often offer family naturist campsites or cottages in the right middle of the bush but with all the comfort for a good stay. Yet there are certain rules that must be followed in these camps: the healthy practice of naturism, respect the privacy of others, and especially tolerance for nudity each. For a more friendly atmosphere, the camping villages organize cultural and / or sports activities. Under respect for nature, leisure centers and must guarantee the protection of the environment by saving energy and water during the stay.

Naturist camp activities

Contrary to popular belief, domestic holidays naturist camps are normal holiday where adults and young people are having fun and are having a good time. It is organized recreation such as hiking in the woods, picnics, swimming in the pool or canoeing, and why not for a good spas between ultimate. It is possible to practice any other activity that provides pleasure. Otherwise, for food, all cooked outdoors braised or raw. All fun ideas gathered to spend a great vacation. In any case, the concept of naturist holidays in family promises freedom to the families and the comfort worthy of a luxury hotel complexes. This holiday amidst nature allows both discovery and fun for all members of the small and large family.

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